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The Reflection
The Reflection

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Devils Talk

This week’s Devil Talk question: “What do you think of the new water bottle stations at the drinking fountains?"  Click and listen to student audios.

Freshman Macy Eldridge 

"They make it easier to fill my water bottle all the way." 

Sophomore Chris Latt   

"They help everyone drink more water during the day."

Junior Jillian Riegle 

"I carry a bottle with me, so instead of buying another bottle I can just refill mine."

Senior Caleb Snyder    

"I use it all time to fill my bottle."

Our Side

Charitable donations require thorough research
Charitable donations require thorough research

Over the past decade or so, the amount of money donated to nonprofits has grown tremendously. Additionally, an increase in the number of nonprofits has added significantly more options for donors to choose from.…

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