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Yearbook well underway for next fall’s publication

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The 2011/2012 school year is already one-third of the way through, and the yearbook staff has been covering it the whole way. The big event taking place is for seniors who must get their pictures in by December 22, 2011. Once the school gets back from Christmas break, the staff plans on passing out the senior packet during seminar (January 11) that contains senior quote, mock election info and senior edition questions.

With all of those dates comes with stress for the editors.

“There is a reason the word dead is in deadline,” senior editor Erin Mitrzyk said.

Deadlines are when whole yearbook pages are due to Walsworth, the printing company. The spreads have to be done on time otherwise the yearbook is charged extra money. The staff becomes overwhelmed with stress at the last minute trying to get pictures taken, pages done, copy blocks written and captions finished.

“Yearbook seems to be a slack off class,” senior editor Samantha Snow said. “However when it’s deadline day, watch out.”

By Samantha Snow, Maddie Wilson, Erin Mitrzyk



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