President will be a Republican no matter what

For the past three years, people have been unhappy with the policies of Barrack Obama. Most of all, Republicans. They state that Obama is not making decisions in the best interest of America and that his socialist and liberal policies are harming America, turning us into a Communist or Socialist state. Because of all the tension, almost no one is paying attention to the Democratic National convention. Mostly because they’re pretty sure that Republicans are going to win.

Because of that, it’s pretty safe to say that it won’t matter who becomes the next president. When I look at the policies of most of the Republican candidates, aside from some slight differences, they are identical. For that reason, I say that the presidency will be decided during the party nominations. This little phenomenon is similar to the presidents during the 20s. People voted for certain candidates because they were Republican, not because their policies sounded fair. They were having a good time. Why should they bring in a socialist politician to spoil it? Then the depression happened. When America is in prosperity, they tend to make decisions that try to enhance that prosperity. When we’re in a recession, we vote for a Democrat to get us out. When the situation doesn’t change, we use them as scapegoats for all of our problems.

The president being a Republican is not a statement that we’re becoming more conservative in our political ideals. It’s a statement that we hate Obama, and the Democratic Party along with him. Just because he did a bad job doesn’t mean that Democrats haven’t helped this country in the past. FDR and Woodrow Wilson are some of our greatest presidents, and they were Democrats. Obama making poor choices just says that he wasn’t prepared to deal with the pressure of being president. We probably should’ve picked John McCain, but we can’t ever see a good president just by looking at what he SAYS he will do. It’s impossible to learn how a candidate will cope with being a president until he becomes president.

It’s for that reason I say again: one year from now, will it really matter who we elect as President?

By Luke VanDeWeert

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    January 4, 2012 at 3:44 am

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