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Gull Lake excites crowd with two wins over Battle Creek Central

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In last Friday’s varsity basketball match up against the visiting Battle Creek Central Bearcats,Gull Lake girls and boys came out victorious. The girls overcame a slow start to win the game 48-32. The boys, however, pulled off a tough win with a final 65-62.

The crowd shows their support during the girls' game. (Left to right) Senior Alex Orbeck and senior Emily Wood cheered for the girls while senior CJ Kistner and sophomore Mackenzie Kistner held up a sign for captain Kelsey Adamski. Photo by Makala Ferguson

“We have to realize that the target on our back gets bigger after every game,” said senior Emily DeWaters, who sparked a lead with her 3 point shot half way through the second quarter to end the half 20-15.

“It’s a long season and we have to make sure we are prepared for every game,” said senior Kelsey Adamski who scored 7 of her 11 points in the third quarter including a buzzer beater layup to quarterback the team to a 37-25 lead.

Freshman Alexis Ahlert stepped up, contributing 8 points and 9 rebounds and Janet Allen, Kelsey Bauer and Morgan Nusbaum all chipped in 6 points to pull out the Blue Devils 48-32 win over Battle Creek Central.

The boys pulled off a crowd pleasing finish with both senior Xavier Prather, who put up 18 points, and junior Dean Kolstad, who added 14, leading the way for the Blue Devils.

“We had a good comeback in the third quarter of the game, which propelled us to a victory,” said Prather.

Additionally, sophomore Odell Miller had a huge night with 13 points, eight rebounds and shot five for six at the free-throw line. The game was especially emotional for Miller because he transferred from Battle Creek schools to Gull Lake just two years ago.

“We did what we had to do,” said Miller.

At halftime, the Blue Devils were down 25-37. During the second half, their mindset changed and the scoreboard proved it with a final tally of 65-62 in Gull Lake’s favor.

Senior Brian Bennett also contributed to the Devils’ success with nine points, completing all four free-throws to help. Bennett has made 83% of his free-throws this season.

“We got down early, but we just kept fighting back. We were resilient,” Bennett said. “It was a total team effort, and the coaches really helped prepare us for the situation.”

At the end of the day, the two games were important for the Blue Devils who continued their winning records (boys now at 11-2 and girls at 12-3).

By Colin Kreager and Makala Ferguson



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