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PAC advances to Regionals with Dune Shadow

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Mary Cox, Callie Alofs, Emily Gruss right after the first performance during the photo shoot session reenacting the end scene from Dune Shadow. Photo by Alec DeVries

This year, Gull Lake’s Performing Arts Company is doing a production called Dune Shadow. The script, which was written by Robin Nott, is based off a novel by Nancy Stone about a town north of Saugatuck, MI, called Singapore that is being buried by the sand dunes and the story of the townspeople who are leaving.

“The students in PAC went to district competition in Grand Rapids and did rather well,” said Nott, “and will be advancing to regionals. They did a good job with problem solving, setting up and presenting.”

While most people think that this is Nott’s last year in PAC, Robin Nott wanted to clear some things up.

“This isn’t my last year. I’ll still be doing the one-act play festival in the spring, the Stratford trip, After School of Rock, and the other things,” said  Nott. “The only thing I won’t be doing is the tour show. Someone will be taking over as director. I’ll still be doing PAC, but I’ll only be an advisor with the state tour show.”

PAC will travel to regionals on February 11 at Auburn Hills Avondale High School in hopes of advancing to state finals.


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