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Gull Lake: Soon to be freshman free in the English Department

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Are there rumors of freshman disappearing from the halls? No, but Freshman English might!  New curriculum goals within the English Department are being written to make the Freshman English credit available to students in the eighth grade. 

“The ninth grade course material will be shared with middle school staff,” said department head Julie Jones. 

They will base their accelerated English class on the teachings of the year above.  The sly wording of the written goals may simultaneously eliminate freshman students as well, but that’s just a theory.  The two English departments will begin formal collaborations starting in the spring.

By Lauren Poll and Mackenzie Deater


My name is Mackenzie Deater, and I am a 17 year old senior here at Gull Lake. This is my first year in Newspaper, and I largley enjoy writing opinion and entertainment articles. I currently play ice hockey and I am looking forward to graduation.


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