Athletic director Marc Throop reveals volunteerism in student athletes

While the on field success of student athletes is easily measurable through box scores and win-loss records, their ability to have a positive impact on their community is often much more difficult to gauge.  However, according to athletic director Marc Throop, it is no less important.  This has been a focal point for many of Gull Lake’s athletic teams during their off seasons and was highlighted by Throop in one of his most recent newsletters.

“The simple joy of giving is a great feeling once you’ve done it, no matter how big or small the task is,” Throop said in the newsletter.  “This is just another example of education-based athletics.”

A study performed by NFHS Coaches Today has revealed that the added confidence, teamwork and dedication stemming from volunteerism has impacted teams so profoundly that more than 75 percent of studied state champions volunteered above the national average. 

Based on these results it can be concluded that charitable efforts off the field can have a direct correlation to wins and losses on it– something many Gull Lake teams are hoping to add to in their approaching seasons.

“Whether it be activities to reach out to the less fortunate in the community, special causes, or emergency situations that affect individuals or large groups, our district has been tremendous in their support,” Throop said in the newsletter.

From the Gull Lake Sports Boosters to individual coaches and athletes, district members have worked to do their part to contribute and give back to our local community.  Chief among the many events organized by our school was the successful Blue Devil Benefit, which raised over $10,000 in the fight against cancer this football season.  This, among many other charitable efforts by our student athletes and athletic supporters, is a demonstration of the willingness of our community to step up and help those in need.

By Tyler VanderMolen

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