Sweater weather is better weather

Senior Laura Marsh rocks a vintage sweater in preparation for the winter weather. Photo by Natalie Herson.

Senior Laura Marsh rocks a vintage sweater in preparation for the winter weather. Photo by Maddie Hough.

Fall has come and is almost going, but some of Gull Lake High School’s students aren’t ready to let go of their favorite season quite yet.

“It’s crazy how quickly this fall went by,”  sophomore Braedan Snow said.  “It seems like it was just the first day of school.  It’s kind of sad, I love fall.”

School events like the boys’ soccer games and the Friday night football games have come to an end for the season.

“I love going to football games,”  Snow said.  “It’s fun to see everyone there and to support our team.”

The fall season holds a lot of different opportunities to enjoy the cooling weather and get into the holiday spirit.  Gull Meadow Farms, The Phobia House at the Kalamazoo Speedway, Panera and Goodwill/Salvation Army attract students in search of pumpkins to carve, thrills, pumpkin spice lattes and vintage sweaters.

“I love wearing flannels and unusual sweaters during the fall,”  sophomore Austin Simmons said.  “Fall is such a good season to just chill out and lay around.”

Many different aspects of autumn are appealing, but students agree that the seasonal food such as Gull Meadow Farms donuts and Panera’s fall coffee drinks take the cake.

“The donuts at GMF are legendary,” Simmons said.  “I have a huge bag of cinnamon sugar donuts sitting at my house right now.”

 Though the typical pumpkin spice latte lover may find this strange, sophomore Autumn Cornelius says her favorite fall drink is the salted caramel latte from Starbucks.

 “It’s one of my favorite things when my throat hurts or when I have a cold,”  Cornelius said.  “Everyone likes the pumpkin spice latte, but I like to mix it up a little.”

Continuing the unusual fall traditions is sophomore Noah Winne.

“My mom makes pumpkin pancakes for breakfast in the fall.  They’re delicious, they just melt on your tongue,”  Winne said.  “Sometimes she puts chocolate chips in them.  I seriously look forward to them all year long.”

    Trying different foods and drinks isn’t the only thing students get into during the fall.  Whether it’s in an actual store or just rifling through parents’ closets, students start shopping for cold weather clothing.

“Sweaters are literally the warmest, comfiest things to wear,”  Cornelius said.  “You can wear them with anything and still look cute.  I get a lot of my sweaters from thrift stores and Forever 21.”

Some students decide to take a different route when looking for “new” clothes.

“I do like my sweaters,”  Winne said.  “I steal all of them from my dad. He bought them in the ‘90s, so they’re kind of different and vintage looking, which I like.”

The vintage or used look is coming back into style, especially in the rapidly cooling weather, according to Simmons.

“You really notice when someone wears an old sweater or shirt; they’re really original and unique,”  Simmons said.  “People tend to pull those out in October because it’s getting so cold, but they still want to look good.”

Whether your weakness is a Starbucks caramel spice latte, cinnamon or apple sugar donuts or a classic old sweater, fall is the time to give in to your guilty pleasure and enjoy the season.

By: Mili Renuart

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  1. Jamie Fleury Reply

    February 5, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Your variety of student quotes and opinions made this article really interesting. Great job!

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