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Press Box: Football makes for an exciting fall season

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Football season provides excitment for sports fans everywhere.  Photo courtesy of K D Photos

Football season provides excitement for sports fans everywhere.
Photo courtesy of K D Photos

Every year as fall approaches, the anticipation for the upcoming football season grows.  Sports fans everywhere make predictions, buy their favorites team’s gear and prepare for an exciting season of nail-biting finishes, close calls and perhaps a few upsets.  A long off season including the NFL draft, many trades, signings and commitments into the college football world make for a slow but exciting process.

“Not only does everybody enjoy the fall weather, but the excitement of the upcoming football season adds to almost every sports fans excitement,” said junior Tyler Klinger.  “Not only is everybody excited about football, but the baseball postseason and start of basketball as well as hockey makes it an enjoyable time for sports fans everywhere.”

It doesn’t matter what team you root for, whether it’s your alma-mater, hometown team, or just a team you enjoy watching, spending a fall weekend watching this great game is something everybody should take the time to do.  You can choose from a series of different ways to experience the big games every weekend, including attending the game, watching it on TV or gathering with friends and family at a near by restaurant.  The most thrilling way to cheer on your team, by far, is to get a ticket to attend the game in person.  Although, you may not have a great view, the atmosphere of the stadium is incomparable to any other viewing experience.

No matter what team you root for, viewing experience you choose, or level of football you prefer, the game of football provides an exciting time of the year for all sports fans.


 By: Tyler Kellam


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