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Kadie Alpers hits the stage

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Although she has yet to experience all of high school, freshman Kadie Alpers is already trying to make her way to the top in both photography and acting. She has many interests, two of which are very prominent in her life. She takes great pride in her work, striving to be a popular photographer and a star on stage. Recently, Kadie has taken many photos and has starred in shows at the Kalamazoo Civic Theater.

Kadie’s photography began while she was in 5th grade. As an 11 year old, her mom purchased her a camera to use for entertainment.

“Once my mom got me a camera, I started messing around with it and taking pictures for fun with my friends,” Alpers said. “The photos were honestly terrible, but that’s when I began to love taking pictures.”

From then on, Kadie has put in a lot of time towards her photography, just to improve herself and the pictures.

“After I had been taking pictures for a long time, I kept going and kept improving. It really became a hobby for me,” Alpers said.

She takes many different types of photos as well, ranging from her friends, to nature, to a woman’s maternity photos.

“The largest thing I’ve ever done for photography, was someone’s maternity photos,” Alpers said. “It was so exciting, and they turned out really good.”

She plans to move onto other more important projects as she ages.

Kadie Alpers speaks about her interests in photography and acting. Photo courtesy of Natalie Herson.

Kadie Alpers speaks about her interests in photography and acting. Photo courtesy of Natalie Herson.

“I haven’t taken too many professional type photos, but a lot of people ask me to take pictures of them for no reason; mainly because they just want them,” Alpers said.

Many different types of people ask for photos taken by Kadie as well.

“I have a Facebook page for my photography, and I post a lot of pictures on Instagram,” Alpers said. “I also do a lot of pictures for my friends that act because they need them for their resume, so my work is kind of out in the open.”

Despite the fact that she spends a lot of time on her photographic work, she also makes time for acting and starring in plays.

At the young age of 7, she began taking acting and singing classes, all to start a career in the theater.

“I auditioned for my first show when I was 8-years-old,” Alpers said. “Unfortunately, I didn’t make it, but a month later when I was 9, I made it into my first show.”

Since, she had been cast into many minor roles but has also played main character in many plays. In 6th grade, she landed the starring role of Annie.

“It was honestly so exciting to star in a role that huge,” she said.

Other than Kadie’s two main interests, she participates in cross country running at the Gull Lake high school.

“This is the first sport that I’ve done in the high school, I had such a fun season and I can’t wait for next year,” Alpers said.

As a young artist, Kadie says she takes on these hobbies for enjoyment and for fun.

“It’s a good way to spend my free time, and as a bonus, I get to do what I am very passionate about,” Alpers said.

Although after high school, Kadie has new plans for herself.

“I most definitely want to go to college, but for what I have no idea,” Alpers said. “I will most likely go into the math or science field; most people are surprised when I tell them that because they think I’ll go into acting or photography.”

But in college, she isn’t going to give up on her hobby of taking pictures.

“Once I’m in college, I still want to take people’s pictures because it’ll be a fun way to earn money, and I don’t want to completely give up on photography,” Alpers said.

Although she wants to pursue another career, she will never give up on her dreams of singing, acting and taking pictures.

By Sylvia Staltmanis


  1. Jayme

    I love your style very much. And Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Jamie Fleury

    This was a great article, Sylvia! A lot of the features on The Reflection focus on upper classmen – we need more articles like this. You used nice quotes, too! If you rejoin the Reflection staff next year, it might be interesting to follow up with Kadie and see how her interests/life has evolved.


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