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There’s a new Tim in town: VanWormer assumes role as football head coach

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Gull Lake High School’s new football coach and social studies teacher Tim VanWormer in his classroom. VanWormer recently moved to the district from Frankenmuth. Photo by Hannah Baynes.

Everyone is aware by now that last year’s football coach, Tim Hiller, no longer heads the  football team. This year, a new Tim has assumed the head coaching role, Tim VanWormer. Recently arrived from Frankenmuth, he has begun his transformation of the Gull Lake football program.  Both coaches have the same goal: to lead Gull Lake to it’s first playoff victory in its history, but the way they go about running the team is strikingly different.

Hiller’s coaching style was characterized by his calm demeanor and encouragement of community outreach activities.  While VanWormer does push for respectable behavior on and off the football field, he keeps the focus on bettering the team.  His players said they have also noticed the difference between his intensity and passion for the game, far from the cool and collected nature of Hiller.

“He tells you how it is,” senior Steve Beebe said.  “If there’s a problem he will let you know.  Hiller looked more at team responsibilities, but VanWormer will take the time to tell you specific things to do individually.”

The area where the greatest changes are seen are on the practice field. A greater emphasis is placed on conditioning, as well as the fundamental game skills.  Every Monday the team watches film and studies game plans; Tuesday and Wednesday practices revolve around team drills for offense and defense and Thursday is the final pre-game preparation.  Fellow senior TJ Haase said VanWormer also brings a sense of urgency that had been missing the past few years.

“Coach has a more advanced style than we are used to,” Haase said.  “He has much greater expectations for us than Hiller last year, and he is going to keep pushing us to become better.”

“Its all about doing the little things; taking on a block correctly, reading your keys, linemen getting a fast first step.  Just making sure that those are getting drilled with our fundamentals will lead to success.” VanWormer said.

Hopefully our devils can capitalize on VanWormer’s knowledge and passion to earn the football program that elusive first playoff victory.



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