Early release days prove beneficial

Early release days came into effect last year in the 2010-2011 school year.  Early release days happen every third Wednesday in a month. High School students get out at 1:05 and teachers go into department driven meetings.  The question is: are these department driven meetings worth the teachers’ time?

“Teachers learn a lot of different topics such as curriculum alignment strategies, best teaching strategies, and work on creating common exams and assessments,” principal Don Eastman said.

During these meetings, teachers learn from each other and work on improving their teaching techniques.

Eastman said the early release days are beneficial and that teachers desperately need more time to learn from each other and focus on new teaching strategies. An example of a common curriculum the teachers have been working on is the vocabulary reinforcement.

The vocabulary reinforcement was created to help students build a larger vocabulary. According to popular belief, students have a smaller vocabulary than students from previous generations. The reinforcement was also created to help students do better on their ACT tests.

The one thing that bothers students about the early release days is the fear of a shorter summer. But it doesn’t create a shorter summer. According to Eastman, it doesn’t affect the calendar at all.

By Sarah Snyder



I am a senior at Gull Lake and plan on attending Grand Valley in the fall. I play the flute, love to read, and am apart of volunteens, youth group, FCA, and NHS.

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