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Tardy Policy: Good or bad?

In the real world, everything is set at a certain time, and if you’re not there, you have to face the consequences. For example, you’re going to see a movie but you’re ten minutes late. It’s going to affect you because you missed out on the first ten minutes of the movie. Therefore if you’re late to class, it’s your loss because you missed the beginning of class which could have been important. I think that the tardy policy at our school is important to have. It is a way to teach students responsibility and teach them the importance of being on time.

The tardy policy states that your first and second tardy result in a verbal warning from your teacher. After the third, fourth and fifth tardy you are assigned one after school detention and a call is made home to your parents. The sixth tardies’ consequence is an in-school suspension for one full day, a discipline referral and, additionally, a call made to your parents.

Students should receive consequences for being late for class. I believe that there are times when students are late for reasons that aren’t under their control, but things happen in life, and it is important to learn how to deal with the situation. I had a morning where I was on my way to school, and there was a car accident so I had to turn around and go a different route to school.

I was 15 minutes late to school so I had to be responsible for going to the office and getting a pass for class and making sure that my absence was excused. It was a good learning lesson that in the future, I should leave for school a little bit earlier so I have to time to spare. Teachers say that a student coming into class late causes a distraction to the other students. I agree that is causes a distraction and if a student comes into class late the punishment in the tardy policy should be enforced. In college, a lot of time professors will not allow students to come into class late, and you miss the whole day of class.

The tardy policy is valuable to students in multiple ways. It’s a good way to teach students time management, and how to be responsible. Yes, there may be days when you think it’s completely ridiculous, but in the long run, it’s only going to benefit students.

By Maddie Wilson

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