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Sideline vs. Competitive: Cheerleaders discuss the difference

By Samantha Snow

Dedication and enthusiasm, the two different types of cheer. Sideline and competitive have both, but different roles. Competitive cheer requires more dedication while with sideline cheer the heart of it is to pump up the crowds at school and sporting events.

Sideline cheer is during the fall, and their focus is to engage with the fans and keep the fans spirit high during events and school sports such as football games. They prepare cheer routines to perform during timeouts and half-times. Sideline cheerleaders are enthusiastic and encourage the fans to have spirit.

“Sideline is used more as a prep season for competitive to work on different stunts and see what works and what doesn’t,” senior Mandy Bryant said.

Bryant participates in both sideline and competitive cheer.

“I like competitive a lot more. It feels like were actually working towards one common goal, conference champs,” Bryant said.

Competitive occurs during the winter season. Competitive cheer teams are expected to perform routines in front of judges where they are ranked on their tumbling and stunting abilities.

“Competitive is a lot more difficult and takes up a lot more time but that first place makes it all worth it,” Bryant said. “One person on the team can be an awesome athlete, however, if they try to carry the team on their own it would never work.”

Senior Reagan Tummons, agrees that competitive cheerleading is her favorite of the two because they are actually working towards a goal which is getting that first place.

“That first place means so much, especially in conference and district meets.” aaid Bryant. “Getting that first place means out of all of the teams at that meet, you did the best that day.”

By Madeline Wilson

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