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Point/Counterpoint: Which online grade program is best, Edline or Pinnacle?

Why change something that isn’t broken: The school leaves Edline behind

In the 2011-2012 school year Gull Lake switched to a new online grade book system. Edline was the old wise one, than Pinnacle came along and was the newest and brightest, so they say.

Why change something that wasn’t broken? Many students were up in arms when they heard about the switch. Students did not receive their log-ins for Pinnacle until at least a month into the school year. That is a lot of time for students to be missing out on knowing your grade and teachers making small mistakes that could hurt a grade.

As seniors try to get ready for college, grades and GPAs are important and must be accurate. Many people do not know that Pinnacle inflated almost everyone’s GPAs and many seniors couldn’t get an up-to-date transcript. Seniors were left wondering what would be sent to their chosen colleges. After using Edline for so long, they were not too fond of the new system.

Edline was a solid program, seemingly left in the dust by the web-based Pinnacle site. This all comes down to is that the school decided to switch grade books without the proper preparation. Edline functioned just as well as Pinnacle does now. Even though Edline was easier to navigate, user friendly and the wiser program,GullLakehas changed now and won’t look back. Students are finally able to see their grades and assignments through Pinnacle. There is only one thing left to say, may Edline forever rest in peace.

By Samantha Snow

Pinnacle: In with the new, out with the old

This year Gull Lake has made the transition from Edline to Pinnacle. People have mixed feelings about the change. Some like it, while some would be happier without the change. Pinnacle’s advantages outnumber Edline’s. While the transition from one to the other has been an adjustment, after learning how to use Pinnacle, it has shown itself to be the better program.

Pinnacle offers fast updates and allows teachers to provide students with instant grades. Edline, required teachers to update student’s grades, and some rarely took the time to do so, making it hard for students to see how they were progressing in their classes. Pinnacle does not require teachers to update grades. It does it automatically.

Not only does Pinnacle have quicker updates, it is also more convenient to access. Pinnacle is web-based while Edline was a program that the school adopted. Students can access their grades at home on the Internet. The teachers also benefit from it because they are able to grade at home.

Overall, Pinnacle has been beneficial. It has brought new opportunities for students, parents and teachers, along with easier ways for people to see how they are progressing in their classes. Once we adjust to it, I believe that we will all find it to be a good change.

By Madeline Wilson

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