Album Review: Take Care by Drake highlights unique talent

Drake's new CD, Take Care was released in November is now at the top of the charts. Photo courtsey of Universal Republic.

Hip-hop fans around the world know that the unique talent of rap artist Drake is considered to be the best. His debut album Thank Me Later really brought him into the rap game. Now that he is a part of the infamous rap group Young Money, his fame keeps rising.

Drake’s new album Take Care is a good combination of his usual upbeat songs with some slower R&B type songs. In one track, “Doing It Wrong”, Stevie Wonder contributes. Other big name artists that appear in his album include the ever popular Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Birdman and Nikki Minaj.

The most famous song from the album was introduced first. Headlines is a creative beat made by DJ Premier. Headlines reached the 13 spot on the Billboards Top 100, and the song “The Motto” featuring Lil Wayne is currently 20 song on the top 100.

Even the people who don’t like the artist Drizzy may find his new album more enjoyable, as it has a variety of different song choices. An example is the song “Lord Knows”, which is a gospel inspired song featuring Rick Ross.

Drake was trying to fight off all of his haters with this new album. That doesn’t usually work, especially for a second year artist. But he proved many people wrong and put out an album that can appeal to almost anyone.

By Ryan Fleury

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