Feline frenzy takes over online social sites

Photo by Cheryl Jolin

Cats are now coming in video, image and inbred cat form. They play the piano, the guitar, they sing, cuddle, jump and just simply meow.

If you sign into YouTube, you can find two simple videos of cats on its most popular column. Blogging sites such as Tumblr and Pinterst are full of pictures of the adorable cuddly creatures just waiting for you to “repin” or “reblog.”

Even people who despise cats enjoy their company on the Internet. Senior Emily Rieger, a cat hater  who is allergic to their fur, has a full Pinterest board of just cats.

“I could just stare at them all day,” Rieger said.

Maru the cat, a male Scottish fold from Japan, has become increasingly popular on YouTube. Receiving over 1,000,000 views, the videos include the chubby Maru jumping through card board boxes and getting into trouble. He recently joined the Facebook world, posting photos that get more “likes” then any foxy girl’s duck-faced, peace sign, profile picture.

People are even sitting and ranting about their love of cats. Debbie on eHarmony cries about her love for them in a 2 minute 31 second video, saying, “I’m sorry, but any time I hear cats… I just love cats. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”

Within 15 minutes of surfing the Internet you’ll come across the CATastrophe of feline take over. Are cats banding together to take over the world, or are they just the cutest things next to sea turtles?

By Lauren Beeke

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