Gull Lake hosts FIRST Robotics Competition

Photos by Maddie Wilson. Design by Jeff Kurtz.

On March 2 and 3, Gull Lake High School held the Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition in their gym. Plexiglas boundaries and obstacles were erected for the contest – Rebound Roundup. In preparation for the influx of visitors, the guest internet was shut down and security was tightened.

Students from each team were given time and materials to construct basketball machines with offensive and defensive capabilities. Delivery methods varied, including catapult arms, compressed air cannons, and spinning wheels. In the gym, each team had their own space to make on the fly repairs and calibration.

The crowd was active, dancing to music piped in over the loudspeakers and wearing team paraphernalia. Gull Lake was not victorious, but the event brought beneficial publicity and a memorable event to the school.

by Alec DeVries

Video by Maddie Wilson


Cheryl Jolin

Cheryl Jolin is the adviser of The Reflection and Gull Lake High School’s yearbook publications for 16 years. In addition, she teaches English, Writing for the Press and AP Literature with a Master's in Journalism from MSU.

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