Kevin Meadows gives Gym Class etiquette and tips

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When students think of gym class, the one thing they dread besides running multiple laps in a hot gym and standing around playing pickle ball is the  locker rooms.

Every week I walk down to speak with Kevin Meadows for my beat about news in the health department. I ask “What’s new?” just like every other week. This week it wasn’t new equipment, new drills or anything to do with getting fit. Instead the first bit of information he shared was about getting clean and staying that way.

Meadow’s one request for all gym students is to please shower after class.

“For the good of all your fellow classmates, friends, teachers and your reputation, please shower. If no time for a shower, give deodorant a try,” Meadows said.

Another request and wise decision is locking all possessions. Not really a request,  more of a tip.

Just last week a majority of students got things stolen from their bags from iPhones to gum during gym period.  He said, if student would like to keep these things just favor  lock’em up.


By Lauren Beeke

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