Mirror Mirror magnificent visually

poster from the movie mirror mirror
Popular poster for Mirror Mirror. Photo courtesy of Relativity Media.

Director: Tarsem Singh
Stars: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer
Rated: PG
Run Time: 106 minutes

Everyone, or most everyone, knows the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  In the new spin-off from the classic Grimm’s fairy tale Mirror Mirror, director Tarsem Singh creates a children’s movie that remains close to the original, but also revamps the old story with magical visual updates.

The set throughout the movie is breathtaking.  The film begins with a brief exposition of the kingdom, and although it is wrapped in the cruel and ever tightening grasp of the Queen’s dark winter, the landscape still manages to exude a magical feel.   The castle enchants the viewer as well.  It is totally white with gleaming gold spires that reach to the light blue-gray of the winter sky, the exterior pales in comparison to the imaginative and even more charming interior.

Some critics have commented that the movie lacked depth, but the movie is in fact targeted towards children, and although the plot line is not as imaginative as the set, the film still succeeds in providing young viewers with classic themes like good vs. evil, and the bad guy getting what he or she deserves.  The plot line, perhaps not original, stays close to classic, well-known themes, which are sure to pique the interest of the children the movie is targeted for.

The acting throughout the movie was stellar, which was to be expected with big names like Julia Roberts.  Roberts maintained the Queen’s wicked and mysterious character with ease, and told the story through her witty and derogatory perspective.  Also, up and coming young actress Lily Collins (Snow White) embodied all of the classic characteristics associated with Snow White, in addition to taking on new personality traits dictated by the movie’s plot.  Armie Hammer, as the accident prone, yet still capable prince, was everything that was expected out of a prince caught in the crossfire between the Queen and Snow White.  Finally,Nathan Laneas the Queen’s faithful servant deserves mention, as his humorous blunderings all but stole the show.

Mirror Mirror is a classic tale, with a few new twists.  Although not regarded for its depth, the visual creativity, acting and its classic themes will strike its viewers.

By Mackenzie Deater



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