Amazon Vs. Barnes and Noble: Bookstore faceoff

Barnes & Noble better than Amazon

Barnes and Noble and Amazon have competed neck to neck since both their digital readers (the Nook and Kindle) came out in the early 2000s.

“I think it’s really all about giving consumers choice rather than specific apps,” said Claudia Romanini, director of developer relations at Barnes and Noble when asked what apps would attract consumers to the Nook Tablet. “We have checked all the boxes of all the apps [users] have told us they want. It’s about giving them choice and range. What we mean in terms of choice is that we don’t lock a customer into a service and say, ‘This is the way you’re going to get to your media.'”

Barnes and Noble cares about the consumers, and what they want. They’re not trying to hook you into their product like Amazon; which tries to lock you into their “ecosystem” and coerce you into buying only their products. For example, they only have Amazon services available on their e-reader. Barnes and Noble provides “choice and range” on theirs.

The quality of Barnes and Noble is also much greater. I mean, just look at their websites. The quality of Barnes and Noble’s site far exceeds Amazon’s, and you’d think Amazon would have an excellent site considering they’re a cyber store.

At Barnes and Noble, you can to go the store, sit down in a sofa chair, drink a cup of coffee and snuggle up to your book, just like a library. Amazon, unfortunately, doesn’t offer that nice luxury.  Don’t want to go to the store? No worries. Barnes and Noble also has an online site. In fact, they have one of the Web’s largest e-commerce sites, containing more than two million titles. Amazon, if I might add, only has one million.

Barnes and Noble is the world’s largest book seller and the Nation’s number one book store chain. Consumers chose them over Amazon, and I don’t blame them.

By Sarah Snyder

Amazon wins

As society progresses and evolves through the years, so too does the technology that we use.  Along with that progression of technology comes the progression of how consumers obtain their goods.  The old way was to waste gas driving to a store, finally arrive, traipse around the building trying to find what you are looking for, and ultimately be disappointed when the product you wanted was not in stock, and your tedious trip was all for naught.  Experiences like these are the reason for new, improved, and more efficient shopping, most notably in the form of Amazon.

Amazon, aka, is a website which markets almost anything a person can imagine.  Although originally founded as a place for people to order books and music for a low price, it has since expanded and now its products include, but are not limited to, band t-shirts, home appliances, kangaroo road signs, and more.  The site is a veritable cornucopia for whatever a person may need.  Not only does Amazon provide access to these goods, it provides quick, safe and trustworthy service so that the consumer need not fear the unknowns of cyber shopping.

Amazon’s main competitor, Barnes and Noble, really holds no candle to the cyber-super-store.  B&N, has a massive selection, but only sells books, sometimes music, and coffee. Their partnership with Starbucks has no doubt gained them popularity with the over 50 club, those who are retired and have the time to peruse a magazine or newspaper over coffee.  Barnes and Nobles’ limited selection of other goods, as well as their new initiative to eliminate music from their stores, proves why Amazon is better.

Where else can people shop in pajamas, have absolutely no social contact, get exactly what they want, and then have it delivered to their house so that they can be sure to have no human contact whatsoever? Unless of course, they run into the mailman…

By Mackenzie Deater



My name is Mackenzie Deater, and I am a 17 year old senior here at Gull Lake. This is my first year in Newspaper, and I largley enjoy writing opinion and entertainment articles. I currently play ice hockey and I am looking forward to graduation.

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