Game of Thrones rocks the TV world

George R. R. Martin's fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire is the basis of HBO's new series Game of Thrones.

It is an interwoven tale of feuding families, intrigue, deception, revenge, wizardry and warfare all in the pursuit of power. The HBO show Game of Thrones is based on the best selling fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Game of Thrones combines the different aspects of alluring costumes, drama and in depth mythology, with the ever crowd pleasing elements of war, including honor, destruction, pride, lust, humor and above all power.

The story takes place in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros where summers are measured in years instead of months and winters can last a life time. The various houses have been living and fighting for generations throughout the different realms, until the dragon riders of House Targaryen take over and unite the Seven kingdoms under the Iron Throne. The story begins years later with a battle for the throne.

The show starts off by introducing the audience to four main stories, House Stark, led by Lord Eddard Stark the lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King, his family consists of his wife Lady Catelyn Stark, his sons Robb, Brandon, Rickon, and his daughters, Sansa and Arya. House Baratheon, led by King Robert Baratheon current occupant of the Iron Throne, House Lannister, led by lord Tywin Lannister connected to the throne by the marriage of his daughter Queen Cersei Lannister to Robert Baratheon and the exiled House Targaryen, led by prince Viserys Targaryen, who is hell bent on reclaiming the Iron Throne and the regaining power of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. In order to do so he plans on marrying his sister princes Daeneryes Targaryen to the horse lord Khal Drogo who promises to support him with his vicious army of horsemen.

Most recently Martin has finished the fifth installment of the series A Dance with Dragons which was released on April 28 of last year. Critics have complained about the large time gaps between the releases of his books. Currently over a year after A Dance with Dragons released there is no word on his next novel. Many also claim that Martin may be writing merely to fill pages and make money rather than add substance to the plot line. This can partly be attributed to the in depth characterization of so many of his creations. Martin has affectively destroyed the concept of a protagonist delving into the lives of both heroes and villains alike. While frustrating at times, Martins writing style provides a welcome respite from the typical fantasy novel.

The series does a superb job of staying close to the book while adding exceptional storytelling, strong acting and stunning visual effects that will catch the attention of those who have not read the book or heard much about the series. Although the story is immensely complicated with a dense interwoven plot line and numerous characters to keep track of, it only serves to add to the drama and leave viewers wishing for more.

By Makala Ferguson and Tom Zahrt



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