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Dress Code, lower case, yes or no?

Like most American high schools, Gull Lake High School has a dress code.

It says that all shirts have to cover the top of the shoulders, shorts, skirts, dresses have to be at least as long as the extended fingertips and no pajama bottoms or tops are allowed in school.

For me, as a foreign exchange student, it was a new thing.

I don’t have a dress code at my German school, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. When I came to  America and I heard about the dress code, I was confused. My problem was the shoulder cover thing because I have a lot of tops.

The good thing about not having a dress code like my German school is that you can really wear whatever you want. But if you think about that is it kind of bad too.

People are sometimes inappropriate and provocatively dressed, and I think the German school should work on that.

It’s important to know how to be appropriately.

If you have a job later, there will probably be a dress code, so you can’t just go to work with pajama bottom on. If you learn to dress appropriately in school, you will never forget that.

The opinions of the students about the dress code on Gull Lake High School are different. There are many students who like the dress code, but on the other hand there are also students who think the dress code is too strict or that some people ignore it.

I think it would be good to loosen the dress code up a bit, but it shouldn’t be abolished. Overall it is not a bad idea.

By Maximiliane Jaensch

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