EFE brings great experience to Maggie Harma

Although the location that her classroom is in a  run-down neighborhood, junior Maggie Harma said she has learned  a lot from her EFE class.  Harma is taking Health Science EFE at Comstock Alternative School on Gull Road.

“We participate in labs, learning how to use equipment and materials for the health science field,” she said.

Harma said she doesn’t mind getting out of class to go to her EFE and that it makes the day go by faster.

“I want to be a surgeon or anesthesiologist; I am not sure where I want to go yet for college though,” she said.

In addition to Health Science, other EFEs include hotel management, culinary arts, automotive technology, Animal Science/Wildlife & Natural Resources, along with plenty of other choices.

“I take hotel management and love it,” junior Sam Butler said. “It gives me an opportunity to see if this is something I would like to do when I grow up.”

EFEs offer opportunities for students to learn about a career path they may want to take in their future.


By Nick Miller and Jordan Erickson

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    October 6, 2012 at 5:11 am

    IHMCS offers degree & diploma courses in hotel management, hospitality management, bar tending courses & training.


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