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Revolution speed helmets are a safer choice for Gull Lake



The Gull Lake varsity football team purchased several Revolution Speed Helmets for the 2012 season. These helmets are advertised by Riddell to be the safest helmets on the market. Photo By Nick Miller

The helmets that the schools use today have changed since football started, increasing in size and amount of padding that is involved. The Gull Lake varsity football team purchased several Riddell Revolution Speed football helmets for this season. The coaching staff handed out 14 helmets that are made to decrease the likelihood of getting a concussion while participating in football.

The helmet received a five-star rating in protection against concussions by Virginia Tech helmet ratings.

“The helmet feels like a pillow inside and I feel like I could sleep with it on,” junior Odell Miller said.

The inside of the helmet is lined with a soft shell, and it has different compartments that can be filled with air to make the fit comfortable and safe.

Riddell did research to try to build the safest and best helmet possible, by taking the helmet of every player at Virginia Tech to see how hard the player was hitting and whether or not the player was using the safest helmet. The Riddell specialist saw the results and determined that they were not as good as what they should be. Riddell took the helmets and put them on a machine that gave them an impact from all directions to see if they could sustain a blow to the head. The helmet passed the test, and Virginia Tech purchased these helmets for the whole football team.

Gull Lake bought several of these same helmets, and these were given out to some of the team members.

“The helmets look cooler, and they feel so much better when I hit somebody during the game,” senior Ryan Waffle said.

Waffle plays cornerback for the Gull Lake varsity football team.

This is all to avoid serious injury and concussions in an effort to keep our football players as safe as possible. Riddell has come a long way in helmet technology since the first types of leather helmets.

By Nick Miller and Kayla Pennock

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