The Verve breakout begins

Courtesy of BenSpark
Vemma has multiple products that are available for customers. Each can supplies vitamins and minerals. Courtesy of BenSpark

The world of energy supplements and healthy drinks have been combined into one.  The newest product created by Vemma, Verve is advertised as “insanely healthy energy.”  Not sold in stores, Vemma allows people of all ages to make a profit.  In 2008, the Phoenix Suns and Verve established a partnership, making the Suns a distributor of the product.  From that point on, high school and college students have used the energy drink to make money.

An opportunity that is put on the public’s shoulders, Vemma allows people to make money for themselves.  Joining the company and becoming a part of Verve is free.  There is, however, a $150 monthly fee once a person decides to start making money.  Vemma sends 48 cans to each member monthly, in hopes that they will either sell the cans for profit or advertise the drink everywhere they go.  Verve works by persuading family or friends to also join.  By getting three or more people on any Verve brand as customers, the monthly fee is erased.  Failure to get three customers will result in the $150 monthly fee to continue.  That is the reason why many members of Vemma lose money. The most successful Vemma members in the country become eligible for a brand new BMW.  An opportunity for success that is based upon how much time invested.

Verve offers a multi-level marketing  where by adding members increases profit.  They offer a money back guarantee if the customers are not content with their progress and want to end participation.  All 48 cans are needed and must be sent back in order to receive $150 in return.

Verve provides a daily dose of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Each can contains one shot of Vemma, which is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement on the market, according to the company.  There are 80 mg of natural caffeine in every can, and the company completely eliminated gluten and artificial flavors from the drink.  Vemma describes their product as being the healthiest energy drink on the market.  Verve states that it supplies the common person with a boost of energy, with no crash after.

This multi-level marketing program can either be a success or failure, and there is risk for anyone who joins such a program.  By joining Verve, it is expected for the customer to get out and advertise the product.

By Jeffrey Adamski



Hello, my name is Jeffrey Adamski and I am a senior at Gull Lake High School. I have been apart of the varsity basketball, soccer and golf teams. I am a member of Captains Council and National Honor Society. I enjoy swimming, being on the lake, and hanging with friends in my spare time. Newspaper has always been an interest of mine and I am excited to be on staff this year.

2 thoughts on “The Verve breakout begins

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    October 23, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Pyramid schemes are illegal, this article seems like you’re trying to endorse them.

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    November 27, 2012 at 2:50 am

    If it was a so called “Pyramid Scheme” and its illegal. Than how has it been around for the past year and not been shutdown? Look at the facts check the sources, there is some serious money to be made if you have ambition. People like the concerned individual become your minion. Do not be fooled people don’t reach the top saying no to everything.

    This is how most people are (trust me funny video)


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