Homecoming dance experience

We don’t have school dances in Germany and that is very sad because I had a lot of fun at the homecoming dance three weeks ago.

I got my dress for the dance four weeks before the dance, and I got more excited every day. Everyone talked about the dance and the girls talked about the dresses, and I couldn’t wait for the homecoming dance day.

On the Friday before the dance, we had our homecoming football game.

It was very cold outside, and when I woke up in the morning after the game I felt sick. I had to get up very early because I had a Cross Country race in the morning what means I had to be at school at 6:15.

Normally, I’m always very excited and nervous before a race, but I was so excited for the dance that I forgot to be nervous about the race.

Although I was sick and it was very cold, I got my first medal on this day.

When I finally came home after my race, my friend Hollee McGuire came over to make me up and do my hair.

My date picked me up at 5:45 and we drove together to the country club where we had our pictures taken and our dinner.

My Group was very big with 22 people and we had fun together.

After the dinner, we went to the actual dance, which was a lot of fun.

I don’t want to miss this real American experience. I’m having a very good time.

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