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Get to know Quiz Bowl

If there are any students who would like the challenge of testing their knowledge on all things academic, Quiz Bowl is the best place to do that. In this club, students compete to answer questions correctly in a jeopardy style format. All the competitors get a buzzer and are asked a question, and the first person to buzz in and answer correctly wins the point. The questions vary from many different subjects such as grammar, foreign language, literature, math and science. A competitor could be asked anything from the capital of certain countries, to how to solve math problems. There’s a JV and varsity team and both teams get the chance to compete equally; the only difference between the two is that the varsity matches go faster. They buzz in quicker, and they do math problems faster.

On Saturday, November 10, the Gull Lake Quiz Bowl team went to the Holland Invitational, where 11 other schools also competed. All the teams participated in the competition from 9 a.m. lasting until 3 p.m.. The JV team scored 2,495 points altogether, giving them the first place trophy.

“My favorite part about Quiz Bowl is probably how smart it makes you feel when you get a question right,” said sophomore Clayton Coleman, a member of the JV Quiz Bowl team.

Michelle Mahar and Karl Anderson are the coaches for the team. Anyone interested in joining the Quiz Bowl team must contact either of the coaches for information on the club. Any high school student can join, and it’s still not too late. Practices for Quiz Bowl are every Tuesday in Mahar’s classroom (room #2205) from 2:30 to 3:30.

“Anyone can join, they don’t have to be brilliant,” Coleman said. “It’s a really fun experience for everyone, even if they don’t know all the answers.”

by Katie Curtenius

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