Recreational use of marijuana legalized

On November 6,Colorado passed Amendment 64. Colorado’s amendment 64 decriminalizes the recreational use of marijuana.  Not long after,Washington also legalized marijuana.  Although the hype about the legalization of marijuana might lead people to believe that anyone in those two states is able to freely use marijuana whenever and wherever they want, but that isn’t the way it actually is.

Marijuana use in Colorado is treated like smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.  To recreationally use marijuana you must be 21.  Marijuana isn’t legal for teenagers to use like many people believe.  There is still a penalty for underage use of marijuana.

Anyone over the age of 21 in Colorado or Washington can have up to an ounce (28.5 grams) of marijuana at a time.  Cultivation of marijuana is legal in Colorado but not Washington.  The limit of cultivation of marijuana in Colorado is six plants per person.  Marijuana is also allowed to be sold in any licensed store in Colorado.

Many people believe the legalization of marijuana will actually be beneficial.  Although marijuana carries more carcinogens than tobacco, studies by Science Daily show THC cuts the growth of multiple types of lung tumors in half, and can reduce the spread of tumors.  According to, marijuana can help treat the effects of bipolar disorder.

Many other studies have shown effects of marijuana that could be beneficial to patients of multiple sicknesses and disorders.  ABC news reported on a mother who gave marijuana to her diabetic son.  She said he never had an appetite and was starving himself.  Se believed the marijuana may have saved his life by giving him the appetite to eat.

Although marijuana is a drug and is used for the wrong reasons everyday, there are many studies that provide arguments supporting the legalization of marijuana.


By Ryan Mutchler

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