Student travels to exotic location for Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner, students are students and teachers alike are starting to get excited for a full week break from April 1-5. While staying home and sleeping in is ideal for some, other students are headed to locations such as Florida, Mexico, New York, the Bahamas, Texas and even Ecuador.

Senior Leah Coonrod will be heading southward for her final high school Spring Break to visit her friend who lives in. While visiting there, she plans to visit the Inca Ruins, go up into the mountains and visit different local markets, try the local cuisine, and visit other local tourist spots.

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“I’m really excited to go to Ecuador; I’ve never been to South America before,” Coonrod said. “The country looks so beautiful, and I am very excited to experience a new culture and see how their lives differ from ours here in the United States.”

Ecuador is a country located in South America and their national language is Spanish. They are known for their mountainous terrain, friendly citizens, and beautiful beaches. Although they are a primarily Spanish cultured country they do use US currency, making currency, a sometimes stressful aspect of visiting foreign countries, less stressful on tourists like Leah.

“It will be nice that I have a friend who lives there to show me around, she knows all the good spots to visit and she will help me understand the customs,” Coonrod said. “It can be nerve wracking visiting a foreign country if you don’t know a lot about the culture and customs but knowing that I’ll have her with me will make this experience that much more amazing.”

By Emma Zielinski


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Brendan Casey

Freshman Brendan Casey


IMG_5841 Sophomore Avory James“Chill at home, hang out with friends or my boyfriend.”
IMG_5836 Junior Ryan Vennard“I have no plans.
Brittany Tyson

Senior Brittany Tyson

“Going to Florida.”

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