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With the second trimester coming to an end, AP testing is just around the corner. Advanced Placement classes can seem very intimidating, and as a freshman it is hard to imagine ever being in AP calculus, or AP chemistry.

“When I was a freshman AP classes seemed so intimidating, they require a lot of hard work and a lot of time devoted to studying but they pay off,” said senior Elizabeth Lane.

So with the stressful course load and difficult exam at the end, why would anyone want to take an AP class?

“What I like most about AP classes is how they allow me to challenge myself and expand my thinking,” said Lane who has enrolled in 7 different AP courses.

A big draw to AP classes comes from the possibility of receiving college credit, but to receive this credit you must pass the AP exam and some students choose not to take the exam at all.

“The best way for me to measure how well I did in an AP class is to take the exam in May,” said Lane. “The tests are difficult, as you are expected to remember a year’s worth of information under the pressure of time constraints, but I find they are often worth the time it took to prepare.”

Lane has been enrolled in 7 AP classes and has taken or will take 6 out of the 7. Even though she took AP Chemistry all three trimesters of her junior year she opted out of taking the exam.

“I chose not to take the AP Chemistry exam because even though I did well in the class, I was already overwhelmed with other AP exams I was planning on taking, and I did not want to pay the $87 to take an exam I didn’t think I would pass,” Lane said.

The AP exams are based on a 5 point scale: 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. A 3 is considered passing. Some colleges accept at least a 3 to receive college credit but some require a 4 or higher. Senior Morgan Terry, who has taken AP calculus, AP statistics and AP US History, also agrees that taking AP classes pay off.

“Since you can receive college credit for taking AP exams I think it is a really good idea for students to take AP exams and that it is a good use of your time in high school,” said Terry. “I don’t regret taking any of my AP classes.”

By Emma Zielinski






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Abigail Stark

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