Lunchroom prepares for new year

Gull Lake High School lunchroom after clean up.  Photo by Amanda Pavletic
Gull Lake High School lunchroom after clean up.
Photo by Amanda Pavletic

With breakfast dishes, chicken, pizza and many other meals, the lunchroom attracts the hungry members of the Blue Devil family.  Gull Lake High  School’s lunchroom and dining services supply a wide variety of meals to the student body and administrative staff.  As the new school year returns, the helpful cafeteria staff welcomes back the three waves of eager students ready to purchase a nutritious meal.

“I’m excited to be back and to see everyone,” said cafeteria staff member Tammy Grimes. “I don’t work in the summer, so it’s fun getting back to work and helping the students.”

School lunch offers a digitalized account system that is accessed by the students ID number.  Parents or students can invest money into their school lunch account manually or digitally.  To manually fund the credit service, the child can hand in the money during their lunch hour.  Despite this traditional approach, all of the Gull Lake Community Schools run on the Chartwell Schools Dining service, which offers an online service.

Through this advanced system, one can check the balance of the student lunch account and or add money to it also.  To access this site, you can log on to the GullLake home page and click on the services tab at the top of the screen.  This information is located on the Gull Lake Food Services category.

The Gull Lake Schools website not only offers all of this information, but nutritional facts and weekly menu updates too.  It has been a lunchroom priority to make food and facts easily accessible by all students and parents.  The staff members are taking initiative and are always working to provide their best for the school.

Abigail Stark

Abigail Stark

My name is Abigail Stark. I am a sophomore and a first year staff member. I enjoy writing opinion and review articles, and look forward to a successful year!

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