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Art department introduces new projects for new year

Art teacher, Randy Walbridge plans new projects for his Studio Arts class. Photo by Natalie Herson
Art teacher, Randy Walbridge plans new projects for his Studio Arts class. Photo by Natalie Herson

As the new 2013-14 school year begins, art teacher, Randy Walbridge, prepares new and improved projects for his students to explore.  The art department is looking forward to bigger and better things this upcoming year as Walbridge preps for the four different art courses offered this trimester.  Students can elect to take Principles of Art and Design, 2D Drawing and Painting, 3D Sculpture and Ceramics, and Studio Art.

“I always try to introduce new projects,” Walbridge said.  “I’ve usually got more than one idea, and if I can get something new out, that’s what I try to shoot for.”

Walbridge said he may try to launch a new set of projects, particularly for the advanced Studio Art classes.  This year he is interested in undertaking landscape paintings, drawing the human figure and portraiture. Studio Art will concentrate on enhancing artistic techniques and methods and evolving ideas directly from the individual.

The foundation and intermediate level classes are focused on new students maturing in their content and honing in on their skills.

“I really like teaching foundation level classes because there are a lot of new students just starting out,”  Walbridge said.  “I like to see the students that aren’t as sure of themselves develop their confidence and style.”

Students may have a chance to experience a travelling exhibit from the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.  Plans are tentative, but if available, the exhibit will be open to the entire student body to explore for two weeks.  This exhibit will connect with the advanced portraiture lessons in the Studio Art classes.

Walbridge is overall hoping for a progressive year in the art department. Several large scale projects will help students advance the caliber of their work.

“Quality comes with practice,”  Walbridge said. “I’m hoping to expand their talent and their experience.”

By Mili Renuart and Sylvia Staltmanis

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Mili Renuart
Mili Renuart
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