Les Miserables takes the Kalamazoo stage

The Kalamazoo Civic theater, where Les Miserables is being played. Photo by Lyrica Smokenski
Currently the Kalamazoo Civic theater hosts the well-known play, Les Miserables. Photo by Lyrica Smokenski

Recently, the Kalamazoo Civic Theater has been busting at night. To kick off its 85 anniversary, the Civic has decided to put on one of the most famous productions ever made: Les Miserables. Although a complicated production technically, the civic has made this a must see. Over 200 actors auditioned, and the ones chosen are true professionals.

Due to popular demand, it’s been held over another week. The show officially runs until October 20. Les Miserables tells the story of a man named Jean Valjean living around the time of the French Revolution. After stealing a loaf of bread, Valjean is sent to jail for five years and after trying to escape, he is sentenced to 12 more years and given the title of a dangerous man for the rest of his life. Fearful of being treated like a criminal for the rest of his life, Valjean rips up his parole papers and changes his name. The rest of the musical follows his life journey. In the Civic’s version, Jean Valjean is played by Jeremy Koch.

“It’s really amazing to be doing Les Mis. It came out when I was in high school, and I’ve dreamed of being in it ever since. After auditioning a few other times, it feels great to have been given the lead. Another cool thing is that my son is playing Gavroche, and my mother in law is the director,” Koch said.

Koch’s performance has been given great reviews, complimenting his voice. Other reviews have complimented the technicality of the set, costumes, orchestra and makeup. There are still some tickets left for the final week, but buy your tickets quickly. The first week of the shows sold out within days.

By Lyrica Smolenski

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