Gull Lake awaits the 2014 yearbook

graphic by Andrew Zesiger
graphic by Andrew Zesiger

As Gull Lake’s 2013 yearbook is submitted to the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association for evaluation, the students at Gull Lake High School prepare for the new yearbook of 2014.

“It took us a lot longer than it has ever taken us to do,” yearbook adviser Cheryl Jolin said.

It is more evident to the staff that the yearbooks are more complex. However, the product of a year’s work is yielding impressive results.

“We had really good writers the previous year, but the design is just as strong, if not stronger in a lot of respects,” Jolin said.

Jolin, on behalf of the 2012 staff, is feeling very confident last year’s yearbook performance at MIPA. As the staff awaits results from the conference, this year’s staff works toward this years book.

“I decided the theme would be individuality. Everyone in high school tells you to be yourself, or to stand out in a crowd, but people don’t know how hard that can be,” junior and yearbook editor Megan Hamman said.

Jolin elaborated that the 2013 yearbook would emphasize this motif of individuality through special designs. The cover page, for example, is planned to be some form of collage spelling the word “individuality” with the student body Lifetouch school pictures.

“We like the idea of getting as many students in the book as possible,” Jolin said.

In addition to all the unique design ideas, there are challenges for this upcoming piece. The 2013 yearbook staff is ready for these challenges.

“We had a lot of seniors that left [last year], so we had to re-train everybody,” senior business editor Becca Kiss said.

Along with all the excitement happening behind the scenes, Gull Lake seniors are asked to take action as well. December 15 is the date seniors should have their pictures submitted to the Gull Lake Yearbook class. Requirements for the photos can be found on the yearbook’s page on the Gull Lake website, and are also posted in front of Room 1406.

By Andrew Zesiger and Ellie Harnden

Abigail Stark

Abigail Stark

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