Which Asian cuisine is superior


graphic by Alana Fletcher
graphic by Alana Fletcher

Thai food, the tastier option

When it comes to Asian cuisine, there a lot of choices, including Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. However, Thai is the best option. The spicy flavor entices your taste buds and makes you keep eating more. Thai food is based on lightly prepared dishes with strong spices. Thai food combines components of four basic regions of Asia; northern, northeastern, central and southern.

Thai food became popular in the late 1960s and continued after people discovered the food through tourism. In addition, when American troops came in large numbers to the area during the Vietnam War, the troops were exposed to the unique cuisine.

Since then, Thai restaurants all over the country have sprung up, mixing food and also different cultures into the American society, making Thai food to become more popular in the public eye and more demand for the product. In addition, more Thai restaurants are in America than Japanese, so it is not hard to find a place.

    Thai cuisine is comprised of six main ingredients: rice or noodles, sauces, vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits. Thai food traditionally comprises of noodles or rice, mixed together with aromatic spices and vegetables. Meat, especially seafood, adds more flavor. The spicing of Thai food can range anywhere to having an extreme spice element, to having a rich flavor to the dish. Modern Thai food is starting to leave its traditional roots and people are starting to blend American favorites into their cuisine.

Thai cuisine has grown monumentally in popularity since the Vietnam War and is enjoyed by many. Thai restaurants are located near large cities where cultures are more diverse. However, more and more restaurants are opening, which allows people to experience new tastes and new experiences.

If anyone is interested in experiencing what Thai food tastes like, there are restaurants around the Kalamazoo area, including places like Bangkok Flavor, which is located on Gull Road.

Thai food is the superior option to any Asian cuisine because of its unique flavor and its stellar spicing.

By Brian Hall

Is Japanese food better than Thai food? Yes!

When people think of the Far East and want high quality, fresh and impressive food, they think sushi, steak, and tempura shrimp. These Japanese dishes have become very popular in the U.S. recently. Sushi swung upward with sushi bars popping up all over the states. Sushi is a very versatile dish in which you can roll up any ingredient you want. It also is usually quite healthy because it isn’t fried and typically uses  a type of seafood as the meat. One of the best parts about sushi is that anyone can learn how to make it with a bamboo roller and can make it for a snack.

The Japanese are also known for their steak; Kobe beef in particular is a very tender type of beef that only comes from Japan. Kobe beef is the heart and soul of the famous Japanese steak houses. These steak houses have the chefs cook the food right in front of you and they put on quite a show. It also is considered by many chefs to be the overall best type of steak.

With Japanese food, you get the best of both worlds: standard rice dishes, but also these very uniquely Japanese creations.

Thai food, on the other hand, only really has one famous dish: Pad Thai. Pad Thai is very delicious, but it isn’t really the caliber of Japanese cuisine. Pad Thai is fairly simple to make, but sushi can be either very complex and made by an expert sushi chef’s hands, or very simply made by a beginners. There isn’t really much of a debate when you compare the two; Thai food has only one schtick and less versatility.

By Dillon Mora





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