Which do you prefer: Sweetwater’s or Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is better than Sweetwater’s

Kripsy Kreme's sprinkled glazed donut available for $8.99 a dozen. Photo Courtesy of  ~ -- PHO قطر TOS -- ~ at flickr creative commons
Kripsy Kreme’s sprinkled glazed donut available for $8.99 a dozen. Photo Courtesy of
~ — PHO قطر TOS — ~ at flickr creative commons

Krispy Kreme has been around since 1937 and has been popular around the world since our grandparents first tried it. Krispy Kreme is better than Sweetwaters because it uses fresh ingredients and is worldwide. Krispy Kreme also gets involved with the community around them and has a fundraising program available for businesses and schools. Krispy Kreme also brews its own line of coffee and has smoothies and iced drinks available to the community.

Not only is Krispy Kreme available at the Krispy Kreme shops, but it also ship its retail to grocery stores and gas stations across the world. As for Sweetwaters, it only sells its donuts to its three locations in Southwest Michigan. Krispy Kreme’s ability to stretch its product line across the world made its name known worldwide and caused it to gain further profit to increase its donut sales.

The Krispy Kreme building located on Westnedge was unfortunately shut down because of financial issues in 2008. The nearest Krispy Kreme is located in Grand Rapids and has an interesting building along with great tasting donuts and drinks. There’s a window that shows the customers all the different machines making donuts. It shows you how the donuts are made and all of the different machines used to make them. Its really different from any other donut shop around and it really shows what the company puts into their donuts, healthy or unhealthy.

As for Krispy Kreme’s taste, it’s phenomenal. Their chocolate and vanilla glazed donuts are a common purchase and it’s easy to say they are the best glazed donut you will ever try. Krispy Kreme has a wide variety of donuts available, ranging from holiday specials to hand decorated donuts. Not only are its donuts decorated nicely, but I think they taste the best out of every brand of donuts I’ve tried.

“Krispy Kreme is way better then Sweetwaters all around. They have better options,” said sophomore Avory James.

Although Sweetwaters is a local business I can say Krispy Kreme has the best donuts and products around. The first taste of a Krispy Kreme donut is a dead give away.


Sweetwater’s is more delicious than Krispy Kreme:

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill is a family friendly, family owned business started by the Garner Family in 1983. The business has been booming in the Kalamazoo area, and it’s a place where everyone can go to enjoy tasty treats. Sweetwater’s is a local business while Krispy Kreme is worldwide, but it opened with the intent of creating a rustic, hometown donut shop. To offer more convenient locations to people who may live farther away from one shop, there are two, one located on Sprinkle Road and one on Creek Street.
“Although we position ourselves primarily as a retail donut shop, we also serve many businesses and organizations with donuts through our corporate account program,” the Sweetwater’s Company said. “We work with schools, churches, business professionals and athletic teams/leagues, some of whom resell the donuts. In addition, we offer a limited delivery service very early in the morning for those customers who would like donuts on a daily basis.”

The business allows easy access to donuts on a daily basis so if you’re in a rush, a donut from Sweetwater’s is a great way to go.

It has a much wider variety of donuts than Krispy Kreme does, which allows customers to try many different flavors, depending on their mood. It offers a different assortment of frostings, fillings and toppings. Krispy Kreme’s main attraction is just its glazed donuts.

Have any problems with a type of donut? Sweetwater’s offers four main groups of treats such as the yeast raised donuts, the fancies, the cake donuts, and also share muffins. They allow customers to give advice to their company as well. Anyone can contact the company and tell them what they think at “Share Your Sweetwater’s Story” on their web page.

The Sweetwater’s shops are very family friendly because they offer a smoke-free environment and the irresistible smell from their donuts lures their customers in and keeps them wanting more. So, Sweetwater’s is a great option for people young and old to enjoy fresh, delicious donuts.

By: Jillian Burkhardt and Sylvia Staltmanis




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