Part time jobs during school


graphic by Andrew Zesiger
graphic by Andrew Zesiger

The thought of having more responsibility on top of previous obligations sounds scary to most, but some students face the challenge and hold a part time job. During the school year, students are expected to do well in school, complete all the homework, get a good night’s sleep, join groups, go to sporting events, volunteer, often play sports and have a social life. Any additions to this schedule seem ridiculous.

I personally have a part time job at Cold Stone Creamery, which takes up to 10 to 15 hours each week. I do think it’s worth having, though. I’ve had a job since I was 14 years old, and I believe working has helped me develop skills such as leadership and responsibility; on top of these, when I want to apply to colleges, I am able to say that I’ve had 4 years of work experience. This work experience sets me apart from most of my peers. Working so much has helped me develop very good management skills as well.

One day I was working at Cold Stone, and this was my most stressful night ever. It was Fathers’ Day, the busiest day of the year. The line was out the door for hours. I used the skills I’ve obtained to keep my cool and continue serving customers.

That’s why I think everyone should have a part time job during their teenage years. Having jobs helps to develop the communication and customer service skills that are essential in the long term.

On the negative side, a part time job during the school year can make life very stressful. It makes it hard to make plans on the weekends and do your homework during the weekdays. I’ve missed sporting events, lost sleep and struggled to complete homework because of my job.  But, if you keep can persevere through all this, the positives outweigh the negatives.

In the end I didn’t regret the games missed or the sleep lost because the experience is worthwhile. I encourage students to take a part time job.

By Justin Perigo

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