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Basketball standout Mackenzie Latt makes transition to Gull Lake

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Division 1 All-State 6’1” guard from Sussex Hamilton, Wisconsin, Mackenzie Latt, recently made the big move nearly 300 miles away to Richland, Michigan; just in time for girls’ basketball tryouts. Latt attended her first day of classes Monday, November 11, but she has been an anxiously awaited arrival. As basketball season starts gearing up, many people are talking nonstop about Latt and her obvious skill.

“I have been very blessed in my basketball career, but I have not gotten to where I am by myself,” Latt said. “I owe a lot to my coaches and teammates, everyone who has been a part of my journey.”

Latt depends on friends and family, as well as God, to get her through difficult transitions and exciting, new situations.

“My family has been instrumental in helping me through some of the stress and keeping me grounded,” Latt said. “I just always keep perspective of who I am and how I got here. I always strive to give the glory and attention I get to God and to play for Him.”

Although basketball is the only varsity sport Latt plays, on the court isn’t the only place she can be found.

“I love to read,” Latt said. “I also like to just hang out with my family and chill with my friends when I’m not at practice.”

    Senior newcomer Mackenzie Latt looks forward to the 2013-2014 basketball season. Photo by Natalie Herson.

Senior newcomer Mackenzie Latt looks forward to the 2013-2014 basketball season. Photo by Natalie Herson.

Being raised in a basketball family by parents who both played in high school and one in college, Latt says that basketball has always been a main focus in her life.

“I started playing in second grade. When you’re young, you try a lot of new sports, but basketball is the one that stuck,” Latt said. “Both my parents played and both my siblings are playing, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood.”

Basketball has become a large, all-consuming part of Latt’s life, but she says she couldn’t be any happier.

“I love being in the gym,” Latt said. “Any other worries go away for a while, and I can just focus on enjoying playing with my teammates.”

For Latt, basketball is about more than just physical skill and strength, on both a team and individual level.

“It’s just a total release for me, both physically and mentally,” Latt said. “I love that feeling in my muscles when I make a move on offense or get a stop on defense.”

Latt’s height advantage and broad skill set grabbed the attention of many college scouts. Choosing between nine D1 offers wasn’t easy Latt said.

“I ended up choosing Davidson because it was the right fit for me,” Latt said. “It’s a great academic school, and the athletics are still D1, so it fulfilled those two requirements right off the bat.”

Academics and athletics aren’t the only thing that attracted Latt to Davidson.

“What separated Davidson was the relationship I have with my future coaches and teammates,” Latt said. “I connected with the girls and am beyond excited to be a Wildcat next year!”

Even after committing to Davidson College in North Carolina at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, the buzz surrounding her and her talent is only just beginning.

“I deal with the media and the attention by leaning on others and staying true to myself,” Latt said.

Latt is best known for her impressive shooting and rebounding abilities, leaving her with 1,135 career points for the Hamilton Chargers and an average 6.2 rebounds per game during her junior year there.

“Over the first couple of years, I really started to love the game and put more time into it,” Latt said. “I’ve been playing ever since and absolutely loving it.”

The senior says that it was hard to leave behind the Hamilton program that was just beginning to rebuild into a Greater Metro Conference threat, especially just before the season started, but has accepted that this is the right move for her family.

“It was difficult to leave in the middle of my senior year. The move was kind of sudden and quick, so it was hard to say goodbye to friends and teammates,” Latt said. “Although it is not the easiest thing, I am just thankful that we are together.”

Latt received a warm welcome on her first days at Gull Lake; and with the help of the basketball team, she is transitioning well.

“The students and staff have been so nice and helpful,” Latt said. “The basketball girls have been awesome too, so I’m enjoying Gull Lake so far.”

Latt is looking forward to see what the Gull Lake Blue Devils can do to help her improve her final year before heading off to Davidson.

“I’m so excited for this coming season! We are really gelling as a team,” Latt said. “We’re aiming to do well in conference and post-season.”

Gull Lake has anticipated Latt’s arrival and contribution not only to the basketball program, but in the academic sense as well. As a junior, Latt maintained a 4.1 grade point average while continuing to rehabilitate Hamilton’s modest basketball program.

“My favorite subject in school is communication arts or literature, so I’m looking for those types of classes to take at Gull Lake,” Latt said.  “Maybe even something along those lines in college, I’m not sure yet.”

Latt hopes to continue to excel both academically and athletically but winning and making memorable plays isn’t just what it’s all about Latt says.

“Whether we win or lose, I can tell that this season is going to be really fun, so I guess that’s my biggest expectation for the year: to enjoy it.”

By Mili Renuart

More information about Mackenzie Latt and her basketball career can be found HERE

Mili Renuart

My name is Emiliana (Mili) Renuart and I am currently a senior at Gull Lake.  I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Reflection and also write in every news category, focusing mainly on feature and opinion articles.  I have won multiple awards at MIPA 2014 and 2015, including a first place award for an on-site feature article and second place for an on-site opinion article.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing and creating art.


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