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The legacy continues in the Blakely family

Varsity baseball player, Drew Blakely, has high hopes and expectations for his future and baseball career as a sophomore. Blakely obtains his motivation and passion for baseball through his father, Bill Blakely.

“My dad played college baseball, and he’s been the high school coach at Gull Lake for over 20 years, so he raised me to love the sport,” Blakely said.

At three years old, Drew began playing baseball. For the past nine years, Blakely has played on an array of teams and has succeeded with his baseball career. At the age of 10, Drew began playing travel baseball with the West Michigan Broncos and by the age of 13 his team won the National Championship.

“I always used to be a shortstop and a pitcher. But, since nobody likes to play catcher, I became a catcher a few years ago, and I love the position,” Blakely said. “I’m a catcher, and I’m a pitcher occasionally.”

Baseball has affected Drew’s life remarkably and has immensely added to his passion for baseball.

“Baseball has and will change my life forever. The biggest impact on my life through baseball is the relationships I’ve developed with my teammates,” Blakely said. “All of my teammates are like brothers, and we have each others back through everything.”

Socially and academically baseball has impacted Blakely’s life. Over the years Drew has traveled all over the country, which makes it’s hard to socialize with people in the Gull Lake school district throughout the summer.

“This summer I was home a total of 6 days from the time school ended until the end of August because I was always traveling or playing around the country,” Blakely said.

Sophomore Drew Blakely is ranked second in the state for baseball Photo by Natalie Herson
Sophomore Drew Blakely is ranked second in the state.  for baseball. Photo by Natalie Herson

With being ranked second in Michigan and being an honor student, Drew academically succeeds with balancing everything that needs to be accomplished in order to be successful.

“In everything that I do, I try to give God the glory, and know that his plan is better than anything that I can comprehend,” Blakely said. “I don’t know exactly what my life after high school holds, but hopefully I’ll be able to play Division 1 college baseball and go into the Medical field.”

With Blakely’s strong faith in God he hopes he will be blessed with the opportunity to play professional baseball and make his dreams come true. Drew constantly assures himself that that nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37) and continues to work hard everyday to pursue his dream.

“My favorite part about baseball is the fact that it’s an escape from your ‘everyday’ life,” Blakely said. “When I’m on the field, the rest of my problems seem to fade away; I just focus on enjoying the sport I love and winning alongside all of my best friends.” [pullquote]“When I’m on the field, the rest of my problems seem to fade away, I just focus on enjoying the sport I love and winning alongside all of my best friends.”[/pullquote]

In the Blakely family it has been a legacy to compete at a high level in sports. With Drew’s motivation for baseball, acquired from his father, Blakely has a goal to carry out the legacy through his life.

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By: Jillian Burkhardt

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