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Daughter shares school with her father

Photo by Natalie Herson
Photo by Natalie Herson

As typical with freshman around the country, most are scared and anxious on their very first day of high school. However one student had a slightly different experience on her first day than most other students. Mark Blaessar has taught here at Gull Lake for many years and when Tasia entered as a freshman she was placed as a student in his class.  The difference was that he was not only her teacher but her father.

Mark Blaessar had his daughter in gym class, where it wasn’t very strange to either of them because it was an active class, and there wasn’t much teacher-to-student interaction while they were playing sports and doing activities. He also had Tasia in his health class, in which he had a student teacher with him, so he didn’t do much of the teaching there either. Blaessar said that when he was teaching the class, they both found it sort of odd at first.

“It was odd that she was seeing me work,” Mark Blaessar said. “It wasn’t as strange after the first few days, and I was always strictly her teacher, and she was just another student, no special treatment.”

Tasia always did well in his classes, but it had nothing to do with the fact he was her dad and her teacher. She was able to do all the work without having to look to her dad for the answers that he obviously knew.

“I wasn’t any different,” Tasia said. “I did well in his classes of course, but I didn’t have any special treatment. It didn’t seem like I was around him that much anyway because in gym we were always doing some sort of activity, and in health the student teacher had to do the majority of the teaching.”

While sometimes there are stories about teacher/child relationships that don’t work out at school, the Blaesser’s both thought of each other strictly as teacher and student while they were at school, and at home they were father and daughter.

By Katie Curtenius


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