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Blizzard hits Michigan

The year 2014 started off with a series of unfortunate events. On Sunday January the 5th  a blizzard approached Michigan. Michigan was hit with 22 inches of snow starting from Sunday all the way until Tuesday night.

“If you don’t have to drive for an emergency tonight stay home. The weather is going to change dramatically,” said reporter Mark Torregrossa  On Sunday night starting at 7 p.m. the storm approached; within the next two hours Kalamazoo Michigan had already been hit with 10 inches of snow. This was only the beginning. The next day Kalamazoo had a little over 12 inches of snow, but the snow wasn’t the main worry that many people had. The blizzard like winds started picking up on Monday and got up to 30 mph causing severe blowing and drifting.

On top of the winds the temperature was -10 degrees or below.  Kalamazoo was not the only city that was affected by this snow storm. Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City and Midland were among places in harsh conditions too.Cold temperatures, blizzard conditions and snow caused dozens of school and government office buildings throughout Southwest Michigan to close their doors.  Kalamazoo-area schools were closed Monday, along with the Kalamazoo city and county buildings. The closings included schools, colleges, government offices, health care facilities and libraries.“I have never seen anything like it,” said junior Sierra Showerman. “Every winter I only expect to get maybe a little above 12 inches of snow.”Kalamazoo has set three records over the past six days for the coldest temperatures on a specific date, including lows on Monday and Tuesday of -10 degrees. Kalamazoo has already seen 18 inches of snow starting from Sunday to Wednesday. According to Ray Hackman of the Kalamazoo Gazette 18 inches of snow is closing in on the average snowfall for the entire month of January, which is 23 inches. Kalamazoo has gotten a little more than 50 inches of snow so far this winter, compared to 9 inches of snow at this time last year.Conditions around Kalamazoo-area have been getting better the last couple of days. Temperatures are starting to warm up which is allowing people to get out and drive to their jobs and schools, most of which have opened back up. There is still much of winter left to go and knowing the weather patterns in Michigan, more snow is likely on the way.By Olivia Sullivan

DEVIL TALKThis week’s Devil Talk question: “What is your favorite thing to do during the winter months?” Click and listen to student audios.
Grace Hess

Freshman Grace Hess

“I like to go sledding across the street with my little brother”

Shan Streater Sophomore Shan Streater “I like to snowboard”
Grace Heerlyn Junior Grace Heerlyn “I like drinking hot chocolate and staying inside
Walter Graf

Senior Walter Graf

“To play hockey on the ice with my friends”

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