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Beyoncé surprises with a chart topper

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Beyonce infographic  by: Libby VanderMolen

Beyonce infographic
by: Libby VanderMolen


To drop an album without any PR or previous announcement was truly an outrageous move by the queen of pop.  On December 13, 2013, Beyoncé, also known as the Queen, released her visual exclusive album on iTunes.  Self-titled BEYONCÉ, this album sent the fan base crazy with excitement, all eager to purchase the songs and videos.

With 14 songs and 17 music videos, the record combines her classic pop flare with a provocative and raw twist.  She also addresses deep subjects that add to the overall quality and message of the music.  Self-image is reflected in the first song on the album “Pretty Hurts,” with lyrics such as “Perfection is a disease of a nation…” and “We shine light on whatever’s worse…” The struggles of the working class are also addressed along with social acceptance in “Haunted.”  This makes her music very relatable for the audience because they are everyday struggles people identify with.

Her 17 visual representations were shot all over the world, including locations in New York City, Paris, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.  The music videos are artistic and beautifully directed, focusing on the talent of Beyoncé as a true artist.  The inventive visuals raw and deliver various emotions that greatly impact the audience.  Not only does Beyoncé highlight major social issues in her poetic lyrics, but she accompanies them with other prominent artists.  Jay-Z, Drake, Frank Ocean and Justin Timberlake are only some of the featured artists on tracks like “Drunk in Love,” “Mine” and “Superpower.”

Beyoncé’s album not only posses meaningful lyrics and an edgy, unguarded sound, but is already projected to be a success without any prior promotion.    After the discovery of its release, the rush to iTunes to purchase the record temporarily crashed the site while generating 1.2 million tweets in 12 hours.  BEYONCÉ explicit is currently number 1 and the clean version is number 2 on iTunes.  This musical stunt is a truly unexpected move by the pop sensation and is packed full of amazing songs and videos.


Abigail Stark

My name is Abigail Stark. I am a sophomore and a first year staff member. I enjoy writing opinion and review articles, and look forward to a successful year!

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    Jamie Fleury

    This was really well written, Libby! 🙂 You used great diction and balanced opinion with factual information really nicely.


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