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Hannah Jackson shares what it’s like to be a Gull Lake cheerleader

Hannah Jackson,  a freshman on the varsity cheer team speaks about what its like to be a cheerleader and about what she’s learned from the girls around her, to the goals of the team.

Districts, one of the main competitions for the team, is being held at Gull Lake on February 15th.  “[pullquote]We want as many people to come to districts as possible,” said Sophomore Montana Rehm. “We need as much support as we can get from the students this year.”[/pullquote]

By: Sierra Rehm and Dylan Grosser

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Sierra Rehm
Sierra Rehm
Hi, it’s Sierra here. I have been a member of the Gull Lake community for my lifetime so far. I have always lived, learned, and grown in the Richland area. This year is my Senior year at Gull Lake and my third and final year as a staff member on the Reflection. My time working on the paper has not only evolved my skill and grown my passion for writing and reporting, it has heightened my sense of school spirit. For the past two years I have contributed as the staff video editor, as well as feature and entertainment editor; which means I monitor and edit articles within those areas on the website. In total I have won three MIPA awards within the two prior years on staff,(first, honorable mention, and third) all of which involve video production. I spend the rest of my time doing school work, writing for personal enjoyment, working, or spending time with friends.

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  1. Really good way to incorporate video into your article!

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