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Endless Love offers endless cliches

Official move poster featuring David and Jade
Official “Endless Love” movie poster featuring David and Jade
courtesy of “Endless Love” official site

The film Endless Love sells itself as a portrayal of romance filled with love one would die for but more fittingly belongs in the unrealistic dreams of your classic teenage girl. Director Shana Feste attempted to create a PG-13 (or cleaner) re-make of the original 1981 Franco Zeffrelli film Endless Love.  Although you find yourself trying to root for the two lovers, the superficial qualities of the flick create an internal conflict between your love for cliché teen movies and reality.

The two recent high school graduates David and Jade, played by Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde, spark a summer romance despite their differing social classes.  The two face many conflicts including limited time until college, car crashes, house fires, affairs, jail time and an overly-protective father who is still grieving over the loss of his first son.  Despite all the hardships, the two star crossed lovers are engulfed in a sappy romance in a very short amount of time.

The opening of the movie does not provide enough background information pertaining to the main characters thus under-developing the rest of the plot.  David and Jade instantly become inseparable after only a couple short encounters which, in my experience, doesn’t accurately depict reality.  The film tries incredibly hard to throw in plot twist after plot twist but ends up foreshadowing a very predictable ending.

Pettyfer and Wilde do not reflect the average high school graduates but more so resemble a couple of professional models in their mid-twenties.  This is supposed to be a film about teens’ first love.  A love so powerful and true it can surmount any obstacles.  Sadly, the message of the story was over powered by the tasteless and emotionally detached qualities of the piece that do not parallel real life.

However, Endless Love was released on Valentine’s Day, so a sappy and over the top romance film was anticipated. Overall the movie should leave anyone who enjoys fiction and fantasy decently satisfied.

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