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Who is cleaning our schools?

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Courtesy of  Jacob Simons on Flickr Creative Commons

Gull Lake has prided itself on many things: its technological advancement, its athletics and its academics. However, one thing that’s troublesome is the janitorial system.

 Gull Lake used to give permanent jobs for janitors to clean and take care of their schools. They were trusted; they were interviewed and hired and screened by administration. The janitors were familiar with our schools, and the students who roamed inside.  Most screens of custodial staff are now done by the service they are hired through.

We have to trust the custodial companies to hire good employees and do the  proper check through the police. While they may hire good workers, we don’t know for sure. Most aren’t aware of their backgrounds and the rules and regulations which the companies put in place. We hope that that we never have to question the character of an employee, but do we have the resources to question them before they’re hired with no interview process?

Contracting janitors saves the school money for academic projects and athletics, but was it really worth it to jeopardize the student body? A big concern is for the Richland Elementary School. Would you really want someone walking around five-year-olds? In addition, with all the school shootings that are happening at elementary schools, it’s a concern.

With the economy, Gull Lake has had budget cuts and have consolidated. However, it is interesting how Gull Lake has spent thousands of dollars on iPads and field turf and yet not to keep valued, trusted employees.

Granted, there are locks on the doors and strangers have to wait outside and verify themselves before they can come in, but if the school leaves screening some of its employees to a third party, it is worthless to have those security precautions?

Gull Lake’s students and their parents will feel much safer if the school could pay a little bit more money to screen their janitors and return to permanent ones.

By Brian Hall and Dillon Mora

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