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Baseball standout Caleb Scoles prepares for school season

Sophomore pitcher, Caleb Scoles hopes to wow head coaches, Bill Blakely and Reggie Walters, at baseball tryouts this week. Scoles has been playing baseball since the age of three, following in the rather large footsteps of his 6’5” dad.

“I started playing before there was even an organized team to play on,” Scoles said.  “I think that’s what led to love of the sport, being connected to it my entire life.”

Scoles isn’t just a pitcher, he plays third base too, but he says he prefers to pitch.

“I play both positions all the time,”  Scoles said. “I like pitching way more though.  It’s more fun and you get to make more decisions.”

    The tryouts for the 2014 Gull Lake Varsity Baseball team are more competitive than they have been in recent years.  Although there are few seniors, the junior and sophomore classes both have strong showings this year.

    “It would mean a lot to make varsity this year because it’s really competitive,”  Scoles said.  “It’s a sport I love and I would love the opportunity to excel and grow at a higher level.”

    Scoles has a special connection with the sport.  He says that the adrenaline during games is what keeps him playing, pushing him to improve on the field and learn important skills like make split second decisions and reading the other team and his own.

“I love the atmosphere of the sport, whether it’s out on the field or cheering your teammates on from the dugout,” Scoles said. “I love the tempo and how quickly the game change from the favor of one team to the other.”

Sophomore Caleb Scoles, a 2014 Top Prospect Game Invitee, excelled during regular season to stand out among his peers.  Photo courtesy of PBR Michigan.
Sophomore Caleb Scoles, a 2014 Top Prospect Game Invitee, excelled during regular season to stand out among his peers. Photo courtesy of PBR Michigan.

Scoles has had many influences in his baseball career, including his parents, always supporting him, his teammates, encouraging him and providing new friendships, and his coaches, always pushing him to do better.

“My 12U coach, Mike Marks, was a huge influence on me,” Scoles said. “That was the year I really started to take baseball more seriously than I ever had before.”

Marks introduced Scoles to new drills, new techniques and, most importantly, a new attitude.

“He made me work the hardest I possibly could everyday,” Scoles said. “He forced me to continue to get better and to not just be satisfied with mediocrity or being average.”

Scoles said he expects the Gull Lake team to adapt the same attitude and strive for excellence this year.

“I think we will go really far,” Scoles said. “Every guy is putting in work in the off season and really wants to excel this year.”

According to Scoles, his teammates are competitive and driven, creating little room for error.

“The guys are all really talented and diverse in their skills,” Scoles said. “It’s a competitive atmosphere at tryouts. You can learn and make mistakes once you make it to practice.”

Scoles feels that regardless of whether he makes JV or varsity, the experience will benefit him greatly.

“I want to grow as a player and an individual this year. I think our coaching staff and our team has the capability to help me do that.”

Although baseball, like any sport, can become very time consuming, most athletes feel it’s worth it.

“I definitely spend a lot of my time at practices and tournaments, but it’s all working towards getting better.” Scoles said. “I play summer ball to keep in shape and keep improving for the school season.”

Scoles commits his extra time to baseball during the summer, but that’s not all he likes to do.

“I love to ski, surf and travel.” Scoles said. “I spend most of my time outside of baseball with my friends and family, just relaxing.”

When it comes to balancing all the things he loves to do, Scoles doesn’t have a problem.

“It’s not super hard to balance sports, academics and social life, you just have to know what you want.” Scoles said. “I keep my priorities straight and when I get overwhelmed my coaches, teachers and friends help me figure it out.”

Scoles commits a lot of time and effort to baseball and he reflects that in the number he wears on his back.

“I wear number ten. I picked it in Little League and have been lucky enough to get it since then,” Scoles said. “It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but I like it because 100 and 1000 are multiples of ten and it represents the amount of effort I want to put in and how I want to keep excelling past that.”

Whether it’s travel baseball during the summer or the school season, Scoles said he keeps hoping to impress with his unique determination, drive and skills.

By Mili Renuart

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Mili Renuart
Mili Renuart
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