Has Gull Lake High School prepared you for college?

Each year thousands and thousands of graduated high school students start college for the first time. The high school curriculum is a set guideline of classes you have to take to get your high school diploma, but do those classes help you in college?

[pullquote]“As far as high schools go, Gull Lake is one of the best,” senior Connor O’brien said. “High schools today don’t prepare you for much, including college or post college life. Our education system is messed up.”[/pullquote]

High school curriculum is set in place to prepare you as best they can for college, or post high school life. High schools offer a wide variety of advanced placement classes to offer college credits while still in the high school. With the advances in technology we are now able to take more online classes that aren’t offered at the high school. So more and more options are available to expand your knowledge for your next step in life after high school.

“As far as counseling, applications, and general college prep work, our guidance office does a great job,” senior Caelen Deater said. “I think Gull Lake has done pretty well at preparing us for college academically as well, but I feel that we fall short in some of the policies we have in place, such as the tardy policy, absence policy, and certain other areas. In college it doesn’t matter when, or if, you show up to class, as long as your grades are fine. Which is not reflected in the three tardy detention policy. We need to learn responsibility during our high school careers.”

Certain policies that high school implement don’t apply to schooling after high school. These policies are set for a reason and are for bettering our high school education.

[pullquote]“I think that a lot of the things have helped for college,” senior Alex Scott said. “Most of the classes have taught me something and some have just taught me the same things many times. It is hard to tell how much these things will matter in college just because I haven’t been to college, or taken any college classes yet.”[/pullquote] You cannot determine whether high school has prepared you for college  until you’ve experienced it for yourself. The students can only predict if Gull Lake has prepared you for college.

By Justin Perigo

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