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Gull Lake Alumnus Adam Renuart continues journalism career at University of Michigan

Gull Lake Class of 2012 graduate and sophomore at the University of Michigan, Adam Renuart is a Screen Arts and Cultures major, who is also continuing to pursue his interest in sports writing.

Drawing inspiration from his life and experiences, Renuart is taking the comedic route to screen arts stardom.

“I have always been a fan of comedy; it’s what comes naturally. I like dramas, but I think they are hard to write without being overly cheesy,” Renuart said. “I watch a lot of off-humor films and shows, things like The Big Lebowski or Arrested Development.”

 Renuart is currently working on a rough draft of his pilot episode; with the hopes that the script will carry him into the open arms of U of M’s up and coming Screenwriting sub-major program.

“I got into screen arts because I love television shows and movies, and I hope to write some of my own,” Renuart said.

Introduced to journalism and writing at a young age, Renuart has continued his career in sports writing past high school and into his college years.

“I was always interested in news, even as a little kid,” Renuart said. “I created my own mini-newspaper when I was younger, and I have enjoyed writing ever since.”

Avid college sports fan, Renuart is currently writing for two emerging sports blogs:  iSportsWeb and Detroit Jock City on the Fansided network.

“I grew up a major sports fan, and I think it is usually the most fun to write about,” Renuart said.

Renuart has also tried his hand at writing for the Michigan Daily, covering both rowing and wrestling.

College sophomore and Gull Lake Alum Adam Renuart searches for stories and inspiration while in New York City.  Renuart hopes to continue his journalism career past college and into a real job.  Photo courtesy of Daniel Feenstra.

College sophomore and Gull Lake Alum Adam Renuart searches for stories and inspiration while in New York City. Renuart hopes to continue his journalism career past college and into a real job. Photo courtesy of Daniel Feenstra.

“If I were to land a high paying job writing in sports, it would be a tough choice between sports journalism and working in film or movies,” Renuart said. “I would love a job with a site like ESPN.com or SB Nation.”

Mainly a correspondent for Michigan basketball, Renuart has written for iSportsWeb since November 2013 and just recently began writing for Detroit Jock City, covering college and Detroit professional sports.

“It is something I have a passion for,” Renuart said.  “It is about finding out what suits you, and I seem to have found my calling with sports writing.”

Renuart was offered the opportunity to focus in on his calling during high school, with the help of Gull Lake’s Newspaper adviser, Cheryl Jolin, and The Reflection.

“I wouldn’t have some of the internships I have now if not for taking newspaper in high school,” Renuart said. “It gave me a chance to hone my craft, and all of the websites I write for were interested in my experience there.”

Renuart wrote for The Reflection for two years and was able to quickly move up the ranks and claim the title of Sports Editor.

“I learned how to write different types of articles and from different angles,” Renuart said. “I learned successful strategies for working with other people and how to critique and improve articles while I was the Sports Editor.”

Reflecting on his experiences as a part of The Reflection staff, Renuart said his best piece of advice is to just keep writing as often as you can.

“I think you have to read a lot. Not just news stories, but other works, just to learn how to craft a narrative that people will be interested,” Renuart said. “I also recommend writing as much as you can, whether it’s for a class or in the form of a blog or journal.”

Whether it’s sports journalism or screenwriting, Renuart hopes to continue a career in a writing field and believes that his experience at The Reflection will help him do so.

By Mili Renuart

Mili Renuart

My name is Emiliana (Mili) Renuart and I am currently a senior at Gull Lake.  I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Reflection and also write in every news category, focusing mainly on feature and opinion articles.  I have won multiple awards at MIPA 2014 and 2015, including a first place award for an on-site feature article and second place for an on-site opinion article.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing and creating art.


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