Varsity volleyball girls feel optimistic about upcoming season

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The girls recently made it to the quarter finals of the Gold Division in their first tournament. Based on these results, the girls say they are looking forward to having a strong season.

This year will be different from previous years since the team is smaller. The girls said that they do not view this as a setback, however, but as an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills.

“It’s still pretty early in the season, and we definitely have things we need to work on, but we have good chemistry,” junior Sienna Osborn said. “We don’t have much height on the team, so we will have to make up for it by being smart on the court.”

Last year the team lost several seniors, but the upcoming girls this year said that they feel confident stepping up and filling the empty spots.

“The upcoming season will be just as competitive and intense,” senior Erika Bo said.

The team is younger than most and many of the girls are still getting use to the new level of play, but they said they hope their hard work in practice will pay off. The tempo of the game is going to change this year because and now the team is mostly younger girls. It’s a whole new dynamic, but the team members say they’re ready to face the challenge.  Senior captain Kelli Smith and fellow teammates Sierra Showerman, Eriko Bo and Marilyn Zahrt see lots of potential in the new additions to the team.

The girls said they are excited to play and have high hopes for the season.

“As a senior this year, we are looking to make the most of everything and finish the season in late November with no regrets. When the end of the year comes we will know that we finished High School and represented Gull Lake in the best way we could,” senior Kelli Smith said.

The JV and freshman teams said they look up to the varsity, knowing that they will someday be in their place. Multiple girls on both the JV and freshman team mentioned Kelli Smith and Riley Wisser as players they view as leaders.  The younger players will not only benefit from training with the varsity players, but also from watching their high intensity games.

“Our team can learn a lot from watching the varsity play,”  freshman Jade Winne said. “The girls really know what they’re doing, and they are very good at communicating with each other on the court.”

In all the varsity girls look forward to what their season has to offer and many players say they are willing to work at a high level to become the best they can be. All the players say they are confident in one another which is a good quality to possess.

“ I think were a team with resilience,” junior Yadira Demott said.

Abigail Stark

Abigail Stark

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